About Us

Mitchell Cooper –  Editor-In-Chief

Over the past two decades, Mitchell Cooper has beaten every major index, simply by avoiding the herd-like behaviors of Wall Street.

He bought housing before the 2004 rise and shorted sub-prime and big housing names before the 2007 fall… while the “experts” suggested doing the opposite. He called the bottom and top of housing, the top of subprime and Alt-A, the death of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, the collapse of the UK economy and the Dow’s collapse to 6,500, including its recovery. He even called for gold to rally well above $1,000 when it traded under $850. He has written articles on trading, M&As, crude oil, housing, and emerging market opportunities, relying on technical and fundamental analysis for investment decisions.

Michael J. Oyster, CFA, CAIA

Guest Editor

Michael Oyster is an accomplished investment strategist, researcher, tactician and published subject matter expert with over 25 years of professional experience spanning the entire investment universe.

Michael is the former Chief Investment Strategist with Fund Evaluation Group, LLC (FEG). Upon joining FEG in 1999, Michael began researching traditional and alternative investment managers as well as conducting and publishing topical research on markets and the economy. 

He has studied, advised on and deployed client capital into nearly every type of investment opportunity that exists today from traditional equity and fixed income to hedge funds, private capital and derivatives-based mandates. 

As FEG’s Chief Investment Strategist, and member of both the Investment Policy Committee (IPC) and Portfolio Management Team, Michael served as a thought leader and frequent presenter on markets and the economy. His portfolio management duties included building model and bespoke investment portfolios. His IPC duties included reviewing and voting to approve or disapprove of every investment manager on FEG’s recommended list.

Michael is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a BBA in Finance, a CFA Charterholder, a CAIA Charterholder, a member of the CFA Institute, the CFA Society of Cincinnati, the CAIA Association and American Mensa. He serves as a board member on the Freestore Foodbank Foundation and on the Lincoln W. Pavey Educational Foundation.

Dawn Woods  –   Co-founder

Although Ms. Woods is no longer involved in the day to day operations, she consults with the PTR team as needed in the areas of Marketing and Business Development.  She attended Northwestern University and the University of Cincinnati and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and an accreditation in Public Relations. Currently, completing her Masters of Business Administration at Ashland University, Ashland Ohio. With over 15 years of experience in the investment education space, she has helped to grow the businesses of several of the leading investment newsletter companies in the nation. She is also a former Director of Marketing and Communications for Mercy Health, the leading hospital employer in the Southwestern Ohio and Midwestern regions, working with them for nearly 10 years. Currently, she is the Director of Business Development for and architectural firm and is working in Dayton, Ohio.

Harry Grosardt,  Sales Director

Mr. Grosardt has over 25 years experience in the Options industry beginning in 1990s with  one of the most successful options investment newsletters in the Midwest. He provides a true customer first perspective, helping subscribers maximize their experience  and profit potential with Pro Trade Researchers products and educational services.